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Important Production and Fulfillment Notice (5/3/2023) —
After 8 years of producing our Comfy Touch Face Cloths in-house, we are partnering with a trusted (and local!) manufacturer in order to keep up with demand. Because of this transition, there will be significant delays in orders for the next month or so. We apologize, but please know these delays are temporary as we get things underway with our new partner. Thank you for your understanding, and for being an important reason why we are able to expand!

Since 2015, we’ve been the chiropractors source for reusable face cloths. A preferred replacement for headrest tissues, Comfy Touch Face Cloths are designed for useful functionality, durability and superior patient comfort. Each cloth is made here in the Midwest, using cotton flannel; it’s soft on the skin and conveniently machine wash/dry for years of use.

When you’re ready to make the switch from disposable, noisy “stick to your face” tissues, we hope you’ll move over to the softest and most  eco-friendly option yet! Your patients deserve the best treatment experience, and we hope you’ll make Comfy Touch Face Cloths a part of it.

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