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Our Story

We started our journey 2015 just like many other micro businesses – by filling a need in the marketplace.  For chiropractors and other medical practices that use a treatment table, outfitting the face cradle hadn’t evolved much. Tissue and paper slot sheets have existed for decades, but who likes that on their face during treatment?

We wanted to create something better for the patient’s face, while being kinder to the Planet. The result is our Comfy Touch Face Cloth, a washable/reusable face cloth made of cotton flannel, so it’s soft and lasts for years. The Comfy Touch Face Cloth fits nicely over the face cradle slot, providing a perfect barrier between the treatment table and the patient’s face. It’s it easy to care for and patients love them!

Each and every Comfy Touch Face Cloth is made by hand, and sold wholesale to our chiropractic customers around the US. Everything we offer is created to provide simple comfort and function, while providing our customers with products that are eco-friendly and durable. We use and also seek the best quality materials we can find, and source locally whenever we can. Choose from our solid color cloths, or for some extra flair, order some of our popular themed versions.

If you’re a cotton manufacturer in the U.S., we’d love to consider your fabric and welcome samples of your products! Please get in touch so we can see if your fabric is a good match for our line of cloths.

*Please note, while we manufactured face coverings at the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve now ceased production of masks at this time. With such an array of talented and full-scale manufacturers getting up to speed to meet the demand, it made sense to return to doing what we do best: Comfy Touch Cloths!